Alex Duvall is the stage name of Carlos Merida Rodriguez. Alex is a young urban Cuban music promise but he already has experience, as his beginnings in music were at the age of 9, writing songs and poems, but it was at 17 when he began to take singing lessons. After gaining experience as backing vocalist of famous artists such as the reggaetón duet Chacal & Yakarta, and also alongside William El Magnífico.


In 2013 he was called to be part of the Yuly & Havana C group. He has performed throughout Cuba and also in several countries such as Mexico and Venezuela.


In 2016 he signs a contract with La Oficina Secreta lead by famous Cuban producer / composer Osmany Espinosa Morales and with the label Planet Records and in the summer his first single "Haciendolo" is released. The song is written by Alex Duvall and Osmany Espinosa and gets a good position in Cuban charts and social networks being played heavily in urban music clubs.


2017: the second single "Por Qué No Le Dices" is released. This single as well has been written with Osmany Espinosa and recorded with Roberto Ferrante as a music producer. In 2017 summer two singles are released and the respective video as well: "La Resaca" and "Yo Sé Que Te Molesta", interpreted together with Cuban artist El Micha.


2018: Alex’s first album is currently being recorded with his new musical projects marked by a reggaetón different from the usual and deep urban accent. In the meantime he records and publishes the song "Feliz Con El" interpreted together with Cuban urban music star, Divan. Both the song and the video on YouTube are quite successfull.


Alex Duvall is a Planet Records worldwide exclusive.


Last Updated: May 31st, 2018

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