Carolina Marconi was born in Caracas (Venezuela), daughter of a former Italian ambassador and a Venezuelan writer, she is a quite famous actress, showgirl and entrepreneur in Italy.


She started her career as a dancer in 1996 by participating to the TV show " Beato Tra Le Donne" and in 1998 working in other shows including "Cervelloni ".


In 1999, she plays the role of Cleopatra in the TV movie "SPQR" with Nino Frassica, and made her debut in theater with Gianfranco D'Angelo and Brigitta Boccoli, been a member of Marron Glacé group.


In 2000, the band participates as a guest at "Maurizio Costanzo Show". In the RAI evening show, she participates to the show "Festa di Classe" with Pippo Franco. Furthermore,  she  worked in the TV show "Goleada" with Massimo Caputi (TMC) and played a role in the B-Movie " Intrigo in Cuba" with Alessia Merz.


In 2001, she participated as a TV assistant to "Stasera Pago Io" with Fiorello, then she continues her work as a designer of wedding dresses sold all over the world but became very famous only after participating in the "Big Brother Show" in 2004.


In 2005, she released a calendar for the mag "For Men Magazine" and to the Carnival of Venice she is the angel that flies from the bell tower of St. Marco's Square.


In 2006, on RAI 3 TV she presents with Tayo Yamanouch the show "Tintoria" and, in the summer, she participates  in the "On the Road" (ITALY 1) TV show shot in Miami.


In the summer of 2007, she forms a band with her sister called "Las Hermanas" and records the single "Que Horror".


In 2008, she returned to television sets with the soap opera of RAI 3 TV "Un Posto al Sole Summer", she debuted at the theater with "La Capannina" and released her first short film "Masks" where she won 2nd place award for Best International Actress of short films.


In 2009, she’s the godmother of Latina Calcio, and continues with the theater: "Cuori A Perdere" directed by Claudio Insegno and the comedy "I Naufragati".


In 2010-2011, she is one of the guest stars of the TV shows "Baciati dall’Amore" on CHANNEL 5.


In 2012, she launches her new shoes collection "Le MARKOL".


Nowadays, Carolina is starting with a recording project with a strong attitude. The meeting with the producer Andrea Monteforte has created a very interesting art project. The single and the video that anticipate a much wider and very well defined project is "PATATINA" a Sensual, Beautiful, Cool track, which will quickly become one of the smashing hits of Summer 2013.



Bio updated on May 21st, 2013




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