Chiquito Team Band is the most famous Dominican Salsa Orchestra, created in 2012 and led by Rafael Berroa (Chiquito Timbal) and Enmanuel Frías (Manuel Piano).


It has been nominated twice in the prestigious Billboard Awards in 2017 and 2018 as "TROPICAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR, DUO OR GROUP". The Orchestra was born as a group of friends fonds of tropical music who used to have fun playing different musical compasses; in fact although they are known as salsa players they can master any kind of melody.


It brought to the success many topics among which “LEJOS DE TI”, “PUNTO Y APARTE”, “LA LLAMADA DE MI EX”, thus achieving being considered as "LA INDUSTRIA SALSERA" and "LOS CREADORES DEL SONIDO".


Since its beginning it has been awarded in several awards as "Conga Awards", "Q Awards" and the most important artistic award of the Caribbean island "Soberano Awards". After just one year of life, it won the Premio Soberano 2014 as the Revelation Orchestra of the Year and made its first production, entitled "La Industria Salsera". It counts on a great popularity occupying important positions in the charts and participating in the largest international stages such as the Madison Square Garden (2016), the success followed one year later with the single "La Llamada de Mi Ex". After touring for most of the two following years, it released the pre-release single "Me Marcho" in June 2017.


Release date of the new album "Los Creadores Del Sonido": March 2, 2018


Last update: 2nd of May 2018



La Industria Salsera

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