Divan Sotelo is already a star in the world of urban music. At the young age of 14, he recorded the first song, but it was only at his eighteen years that his career began to grow with his first album "Tu Perfume". In that album also participated friends who have always supported, such as Chacal, Jacob Forever (ex Gente De Zona), El Micha, Jay Maly and El Principe.


But it was only starting from signing with the label Planet Records that Divan became internationally known. Being already an artist of Planet Records, a label that has offices in Italy, the Dominican Republic, Miami and Cuba, he became the most successful reference Artist of the new Cuban generation (15-25 years) and his fame now crosses the borders of Cuba to reach the whole world.


"The urban genre is where I come from, but I'm trying to create a slightly more musical way, in order to renew it. I'm making an effort to create another kind of music: urban but also a bit more alternative. Always trying to talk about the woman, treat her well and raise her virtues with beautiful words. I think this has led me to do pretty well. I've always been very curious about these details because it's something that marks you, even more when you're an artist", says Divan.


2015: His first single with Planet Records, "Pelearnos Un Ratico" written by Osmany Espinosa, from the record production called #NUEVOMUNDO, was among the most played songs on the Billboard charts. The official video of the song, directed by Manuel Ortega has reached almost 5 million views on YouTube.


October 2016: #NUEVOMUNDO includes 15 songs including important artistic collaborations as in the song "Nadie Más" with Jacob Forever (ex Gente De Zona), "Estoy Para Fiesta Contigo" with Qva Libre and "Me Equivoqué" with Leoni Torres (Ex Charanga Habanera). Divan was also very successful with the songs "Pasarnos De Copas", "Tu Principe Azul" (together with Chacal), "Sentimentalmente Disponible", "Te Necesito", "Una Noche Loca".


2018: The next single by Divan is titled "Lo Aprendió Conmigo" by the composer Osmany Espinosa. Divan is now in the studios of La Oficina Secreta, recording his next album that will soon be released on the market under the label of Planet Records.


Divan is a Planet Records worldwide exclusive.


Last Updated: April 19th, 2018





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