The Haitian immigrant Rumai is taking the Dominican Republic and the social networks  by storm with his catching "Palito de Coco”, a song he created for selling with verve and humor  the traditional Dominican Cakes. Rumai Dorlean, 32 years old, is perceive as a “different phenomenon”, has conquered by being fair, humble, starting from scratch the entire country with “Palito de Coco”.


The Artist is coming from a very poor family and two years ago moved to the Dominican Republic from Gonaives (Haiti), he  found a job  as mason in the construction business, in  very short time his destiny has radically changed having composed and interpreted  one of the most popular hit tunes of the moment, all the country is singing along and dancing to. Rumai, better known as ‘Palito de Coco”, has written the song lyrics for selling the cakes bearing the same name  earning 400 or 500 pesos a day (approximately between 9 and 12 dollars) a day.


Someone has recorded him with a camera singing the song, jumped later on in the Oliver Peña hands. who posted the video on YouTube: in no longer than fifteen days the tune has reached more than a million and half viewers. The catching chorus “saludo amiga, saludo amigo, saludo vecina, saludo vecino” has created such a turmoil, the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, has shown his interest about meeting with him. Neverheless Rumai has been included in the cast for a TV spot in the United States.


Rumai is a Bob Marley fan and his is becoming famous, buying a an Audi SUV and being able to buy a house for his mother and his son. He’s not into politics, but instead he loves to "make music". Just recently he sung the tune before a baseball game (Dominican national sport) at the “Cibao Stadium”,  his first introduction to a large crowd, singing before 18.000 people.


Part of the success and the affectionate support the young artist has received  is due to his genuine and humble nature. At the moment Rumai is working to schedule soon tour.



Last Updated: November 11th, 2013



Palito De Coco

[Digital Single]