Eduardo "Yiyo" Sarante was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in a  full of brothers (9) family, almost all musicians and singers.


He started his career as a young percussionist in several Dominican orchestras and, in 1999, he sang in various bands in different tourist areas of the Dominican Republic.


In 2003 he became part of his brother’s band, Julian Oro Duro, a highly rated merengue band.


In 2010, he began to make his first steps as a solo artist, helped and encouraged by his brother José, better known as "Mello", musician, percussionist and music producer. In 2011, he released his first hit single "Tierra Mala", a song that reached the 2nd best in the "Top 50 Salsa" annual chart in the Dominican Republic.


But it is in 2012 that Yiyo became quite famous playing the song "Maldita Primavera", a salsa version of the famous Italian hit, a classic of the 80’s, in the Tropical Radio Stations of Florida and in the East Coast of the United States.


This success gave the "push" to the first international tour of Yiyo: Virgin Islands, Aruba and Saint Martin, where he became a successful artist even if with a few songs in his repertoire.


In the first half of 2013, he reached the first place in the Radio Charts of Santo Domingo with the song "Pirata", unreleased song composed by the young Dominican composer Daniel Vazquez Pichardo, in the same period Yiyo joined the Artistic cast of Planet Records label , and began to work on his debut album.


Yiyo Sarante. "La Voz De La Salsa" will be the new star of international Salsa!


Bio updated on May 21, 2013





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